The Climber, as seen from Simon's field of view when in his seat.

The Abyss Climber Rig (ACR), commonly referred to as the Climber, is a sea elevator on PATHOS-II at Omicron that leads down to the Omega Sector, a region of the abyssal plain operated by PATHOS-II.

The Climber cannot be operated from the Omega Sector, requiring a scheduled arrival or departure from Omicron.


After the DUNBAT escapes from Theta, Simon Jarrett and Catherine Chun decide to find a Haimatsu Power Suit and ride the Climber into the Omega Sector to locate the ARK. Simon successfully locates and transfers himself into a Power Suit at Omicron, and boards the climber to descend to the abyssal plain. At approximately 2556 meters down, the power to the Climber abruptly malfunctions, leading to a halt in Simon's descent. Simon climbs out of his chair and onto the top of the Climber, fixing the power from an electrical box on top. Once power is restored, Simon can climb back into his chair and continue descending. At around 3092 meters down, Johan Ross climbs into the cage and speaks to Simon telepathically, saying "You did it! You did it. I will make preparations." Ross then throws himself into the Abyss, not to be seen again until Simon reaches Alpha.


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