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Adam Golaski
Aliases: Gasket-case T
Gender: Male
Nationality: Flag of Poland Polish
Career: Omicron Chief Engineer
Status: Deceased

Actor: Josh Truax

Adam Golaski is the PATHOS-II Chief Engineer stationed at Omicron. In SOMA, he is referenced numerous times, and plays a major role in Transmission.


Before leaving for PATHOS-II, Golaski physically and emotionally abused his wife, Rebecca Golaski, and daughter, Lissa Golaski. Golaski was stationed at Theta as the Chief Engineer until when Imogen Reed discovered a Mockingbird of him at Theta. Golaski left Omicron for Theta, presumably by request of Reed. The encounter with his Mockingbird shocked Golaski when it possessed knowledge that only Golaski knew, that couldn't be pulled from the "frame."

Later, Golaski was brain scanned by Catherine Chun and eventually left for Lambda to salvage, where he bonded with Imogen Reed. Golaski, at this time, was shown feeling immense guilt for leaving his wife and daughter to die in the impact event, refusing to have returned to them due to their past history.

In Transmissions

In Transmission #1, Imogen Reed and Golaski were salvaging when they came across a Mockingbird of "Harry Halperin". Golaski distracted the Mockingbird, which recognized him from his days at Omicron, while Reed attempted to disable it. The Mockingbird resisted in a panick and harmed Reed's arm which prompted Golaski to slam off its head with a wrench. Reed scolded Golaski for being crude while disabling the Mockingbird, it restarted and soon started to curse at them both as Golaski expressed his grief. Disabled by Reed, Golaski expressed sorrow as it seemed genuinely happy at first, but Reed dismissed his sorrow by claiming that the Mockingbird would have figured out it wasn't in the ARK.


Adam staring at a structure gel leakage.

In Transmission #3, Golaski was cataloging crates when he found a structure gel leakage, a minor fascination of his as it was scabbing up the walls. While he examined it, Golaski slipped in the structure gel and was covered in it. He continues cataloging after the event, stained in structure gel.

In Transmission #5, Golaski's fascination with structure gel advanced to the point where he was ingesting it. One time, due to the convenient timing of the vox recordings playing his daughter's voice, he was told to "eat his breakfast, Daddy!" which caused him to drink entire gulps from a container filled with the gel. To torture himself more, he later watched recordings that his daughter sent him, pleading for him to come home prior to the impact event. Golaski swallowed the chip after his emotional apology to the screen.

While he wandered the halls of Lambda, he heard the voice of his daughter calling to him and followed it to a small hole in a wall where; beyond, he noticed the Mockingbird of his daughter. When close enough to the hole, Mockingbird spewed out structure gel into Golaski's face which caused him to vomit. Golaski desperately tried to eat the vomited structure gel while shouting to the WAU that he needed it.

In Transmission #7, Golaski, coated in structure gel, found Richard Holland, hovering over the dead Jessica Davis's WAU-modified body. Golaski beat Holland to death then screamed loudly moments before he was restrained by Dorian Cronstedt and Baxter Rogers. Golaski was locked him in a cargo bay, to be left alone in Lambda.

In the cargo bay, Golaski listened to the police statement of his wife regarding the assault. He abruptly ended the playback to eat the chip but then threw it away. A beam of light suddenly blinded Golaski from the direction he threw the chip. The voices of both his wife and his daughter echoed, Golaski cried out to the WAU that it was too much to endure. Golaski, armed with a wrench, approached the light and the Mockingbird of his daughter was revealed again.

In Transmission #8, Golaski's encounter with the Mockingbird of his daughter continued. Despite his disbelief, he was lured close enough to ask it what it was. It proclaimed "family" then grabbed Golaski by the head and lifted him off the ground.

Golaski was modified into a preliminary WAU-creature. Later, Golaski found a disoriented Reed and attempted to persuade her to join him as he explained that this was the WAU's plan; his physical appearance and the strange occurences of PATHOS-II, and that together they would rebuild humanity. But Reed rejected the proposal and was then forced to stab him with a piece of his own outer shell when she failed to reason with him.

In Transmission #8, one of Reed's last thoughts, seen visualized on walls of where she was suffocating, was her embracing Golaski on a sunny day at a beach.


  • Either Lissa Golaski or Adam Golaski was born on October 16th.



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