Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall
Born: 1992
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Status: Deceased

Actor: Andrea Deck
Ashley Hall was Simon Jarrett's friend and colleague, who died due to a car accident at 23 years of age, in 2015. Simon appeared to be romantically interested in her.


Ashley was in the passenger seat of a car driven by Simon when, in the intersection of Bloor Street and Spadina Road, the vehicle was hit by an SUV whose driver was distracted by her children. While mother and the children were left bruised but unharmed, Ashley died from suffocation due to blood filling her lungs.


At Theta, after Simon is hurt and caught by proxy Terry Akers, Simon seems to hallucinate that he was back in his apartment in Toronto where Ashley appears and attempts to comfort Simon. Simon's confusion regarding her presence prompts her to ask he if he no longer wants her. Simon clarifies that he does indeed but asks her what happened. She proclaims that they fell in love but then Simon regain consciousness as he hears a loud sound.


  • Originally, Ashley was supposed to be Simon's sister rather than a friend and potential love interest, as seen in the old design documents found in _supersecret.rar.
    • Additionally, during this period in the game, there was a nightmarish sequence in the game that would end with Simon stumbling upon his mother's grave, with his sister Ashley, whose face is comprised of maggots, standing nearby. This sequence may have survived future iterations of the game before ultimately being cut. The hallucination in the final game that takes place in Simon's apartment may have possibly replaced this, with the model of the girl with the maggot face being used for Ashley, although faced away so the face can't be made out.