2015-10-02 00081
Gender: Male (Brain scan)
Status: Inactive

Actor: N/A

The BULL (UH3) is a submersible robot of the Universal Helper series. Many of the station's UH3 units are manufactured in Upsilon.


After awakening in Upsilon, Simon Jarrett finds many defunct UH3 units in the station's machine hangar, with the Construct appearing severely mutated. He first encounters hostile WAU-infected UH3s both inside and outside of the Upsilon complex, most notably in and above the station's geothermal plant.

Later in the game, Simon finds other operational UH3s, including one which harbors the stolen brain scan of Javid Goya as it wanders aimlessly around Delta, talking to his colleagues as if they were present.

After calling a Zeppelin with a set path to Theta, Simon is given the option of terminating either the UH3 or the UH8 unit that had accompanied him to acquire their tool chips for use in Simon's Omnitool, under the advice of Catherine Chun.


  • Engineers at PATHOS-II often used structure gel to repair units such as these.


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