Carthage Industries

Carthage Industries is a European multinational technology and computer engineering company with headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. It maintains and operates the underwater research facility PATHOS-II alongside Haimatsu Technologies.

In SOMA, the company was likely shutdown after the Impact Event, with the only known surviving Carthage Industries employees being those stationed on PATHOS-II.


Delenda Est.
Julia Dahl

In Mark Sarang's room, there is a classified document from the supervisory board of Carthage Industries, dated March 7th, 2102, discussing how pleased they were in his efforts to make the WAU a station-wide presence. Going as far as to deem it so important that if Ross experiences any emergencies that he should contact Julia Dahl to forcefully eliminate any opposition.

Within specific rooms throughout PATHOS-II, Simon Jarrett can find boxes and other materials that had been supplied by Carthage Industries suggesting they were a normal presence throughout the facility, despite the fact that most of their projects remain classified.

It also appears that of the three key employees, the two that have accessible rooms have maps specially provided by Carthage Industries showing what the actual facility looks like, proven with the map showing Alpha along with the Carthage Industries logo in the corner.



Behind the Scenes

Some voice recordings by Julia Dahl can be found in Omicron in which she ironically ends her entries with the Latin expression "delenda est", referring to the ancient Rome expression "Carthago delenda est" ("Carthage must be destroyed") coined during the Punic Wars. It's possible that it could be an internal motto of some kind for the company.




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