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* It's okay, Simon. Everything's all right now.
* It's okay, Simon. Everything's all right now.
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This page isn't supposed to be polished and should serve only as a checklist to make sure all of the dialogue files are on the wiki. A list for reading purposes is located on Catherine Chun's page.

Upsilon ✔️ Edit

Control Room Contact

controlroomcontact_2d_firstcontact_1_001_catherine_001 Edit

Controlroomcontact 2d firstcontact 1 001 catherine 001
  • Oh, what is... what's happening? Hello, is there anyone there?

controlroomcontact_2d_firstcontact_1_003_catherine_001 Edit

Controlroomcontact 2d firstcontact 1 003 catherine 001
  • I hear you... uh... Upsilon. What's going on?

controlroomcontact_2d_firstcontact_1_005_catherine_001 Edit

Controlroomcontact 2d firstcontact 1 005 catherine 001
  • In the room, right now?

controlroomcontact_2d_firstcontact_1_007_catherine_001 Edit

Controlroomcontact 2d firstcontact 1 007 catherine 001
  • Is that right? What's your name?

controlroomcontact_2d_firstcontact_1_009_catherine_001 Edit

Controlroomcontact 2d firstcontact 1 009 catherine 001
  • And what do you... ah signal is -- damn relays. Where are you now?

controlroomcontact_2d_firstcontact_1_011_catherine_001 Edit

Controlroomcontact 2d firstcontact 1 011 catherine 001
  • Yeah, you're probably in the thermal plant somewhere.

controlroomcontact_2d_firstcontact_1_012_catherine_001 Edit

Controlroomcontact 2d firstcontact 1 012 catherine 001
  • You want to go upstairs to the comm center. It's the room with the domed ceiling.

controlroomcontact_2d_firstcontact_1_014_catherine_001 Edit

Controlroomcontact 2d firstcontact 1 014 catherine 001
  • I'm sorry, didn't catch that, we lost another relay. Listen, head for the comm center upstairs. I'll wait here.

Comm Room Contact

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_1_001_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 1 001 catherine 001
  • Ah, that's better. Simon was it?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_1_003_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 1 003 catherine 001
  • Hi Simon, I'm Catherine. Have you figured out what's going on yet?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_1_005_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 1 005 catherine 001
  • I probably have some. What do you want to know?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_1_007_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 1 007 catherine 001
  • Well, you are at Upsilon, clearly. Have you never been there before? Where did you work?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_1_009_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 1 009 catherine 001
  • No, I mean where did you work at PATHOS-II?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_1_011_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 1 011 catherine 001
  • That's unexpected -- Did you come directly from Toronto?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_1_013_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 1 013 catherine 001
  • Have you seen any people? Like staff or field technicians?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_3_002_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 3 002 catherine 001
  • What's going on?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_4_001_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 4 001 catherine 001
  • Simon, come to Lambda!

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_4_003_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 4 003 catherine 001
  • There are shuttle trains connecting all the sites -- find one and come here! I'll wait for you!

Carl Discussion Scenarios

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_2_flowcontrol_002_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 2 flowcontrol 002 catherine 001
  • Oh, well. Robots don't feel anything so, yeah.

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_2_suckedcarlpower_002_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 2 suckedcarlpower 002 catherine 001
  • Oh, okay. Well, uh... try not to do that in the future. Even if it's just a robot, it might be useful.

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_2_torturedcarl_002_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 2 torturedcarl 002 catherine 001
  • He said he was hurting?

commroomcontact_commroomdialog_2_nocarlmeeting_001_catherine_001 Edit

Commroomcontact commroomdialog 2 nocarlmeeting 001 catherine 001
  • This is all so strange.

ARK ✔️ Edit

general_finalwords_version2_002_catherine_001 Edit

General finalwords version2 002 catherine 001
  • Well, we did.

general_finalwords_version2_004_catherine_001 Edit

General finalwords version2 004 catherine 001
  • It's okay, Simon. Everything's all right now.


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