What kind of messed up thing are you?
―The Crawler, upon seeing Simon Jarrett.[src]
Theta Construct
Crawler Infected

Actor Kosha Engler

The Crawler is an unused enemy found in the files of SOMA.


The Crawler is an unused enemy that was intended to appear in the Upsilon Shuttle Station. It would fall out of a vent and pursue the player when certain conditions were met, what these conditions were however is unknown.

Concept art refers to it as "Theta Construct", implying it was originally intended for use in Theta instead of the Shuttle Station. It cannot attack the player, however has animations for leaping and killing them.


The Crawler contains the brain scan of Amy Azzaro, who can also be found in the Upsilon Shuttle Station. It may have been slated to appear should the player choose to kill Amy.

It appears that the Crawler's Amy consciousness still believes that she is in the pilot seat and will often act like it is talking to Carl Semken when it can hear the player moving around. Upon seeing Simon Jarrett she will ask him "what kind of messed up thing" he is and begin to slowly crawl after him.


While the Crawler was ultimately cut, the map is still set up for its appearance, though the event was removed in the final game.

Behind the Scenes

While it is most likely a bug, the Crawler is capable of opening the shuttle door and following the player onto it and can even ride on the shuttle until it crashes, at which point it becomes stuck inside the shuttle. And when spawned in-game, it will move sideways. This can be corrected by changing it's rotation offset in the .ent file.


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