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Dorian Cronstedt
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Actor Scott C. Brown

Dorian Cronstedt is the PATHOS-II Admin. Supervisor stationed at Theta. In SOMA, he is referenced numerous times, and was notably part of the team investigating the situation at Lambda in Transmissions.


Cronstedt is joyful around others, but is still capable of maintaining his cool during crisis and order people diligently. As the Administration Supervisor, Cronstedt was in charge of affecting positions and stations to people around PATHOS-II, and was also given security credentials. He had authority over the people at Theta, but was still respected, even though few like Baxter Rogers or Martin Fisher usually addresses him by his first name.


Cronstedt incurred the wrath of Terry Akers when Delta's crew was asked to move to Theta on the 14th of August, 2103, giving them new positions but removing Akers of his authority. Cronstedt managed to get him to stay at Delta alone, while still maintaining transport for his evacuation whenever Akers desired to.

Sometimes during late 2103, Dorian Cronstedt moved with a crew to Lambda in order to deal with the station's alarming structure gel leakage and the WAU's apparent influence behind it. When the situation escalated and the crew members started dying one after another, he ordered Lambda's evacuation through the CURIE and the detention of Adam Golaski, who had succumbed to madness, in one of the station's cargo holds. He also attempted to bring the WAU offline while sending Imogen Reed at Upsilon to cut the power, but was killed by the WAU attempting to allow the others time to escape.


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