Emma Alvaro Corpse
Emma Alvaro
Flag of Portugal Portuguese

Actor Jennifer Armour

Emma Alvaro is a Portuguese PATHOS-II astrodynamic expert who worked at Theta.


Emma's brain scan was completed on July 29th, 2103.

Emma was able to evacuate from Theta when it was attacked and overrun by Terry Akers and the Proxies. She and the rest of the crew who escaped all met their deaths before they were able to get into Omicron, due to the quarantine.

Emma and Richard Thabo seem to be the last of the evacuated crew to die. Emma and Richard have a friendly conversation before they both suffocate from lack of oxygen.


Emma's body can be found by Simon Jarrett outside of Omicron. Her blackbox can be mined to discover her fate.


Outside Omicron

  • The world is dead, Richard
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 001 alvaro 001
  • Even if we got inside Omicron, what's left? Grab a couple and head for Tau?
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 001 alvaro 002
  • Strasky, Jonsy, Hart, everyone is dead, and we are right behind them.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 001 alvaro 003
  • We're probably the last people left alive, the last moments of mankind.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 001 alvaro 004
  • No oxygen left, better sit down, don't wanna fall into the abyss.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 002 alvaro 001
  • Huh? Oh, it's for Emma.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 005 alvaro 001
  • Thanks, I woulda liked that.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 007 alvaro 001
  • Bye.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 009 alvaro 001
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