An Environment Chip is a computer chip used to power various pieces of equipment within Pathos-II. Simon Jarrett interacts with two ENV chips in-game, once at Theta and once at Omicron.


The first time Simon sees an ENV chip is at Site Theta, where he has to escape a Structure Gel infused Terry Akers. To do this, he must acquire the ENV chip that runs the elevator and update the drivers. Simon must locate the chip on the floor near the elevator, bring it to a security room and plug it into a computer. He then updates the chip's drivers and removes it. After replacing the chip, the elevator becomes functional.

Once Simon reaches Omicron, Catherine Chun informs him that he will have to create a more resilient body to survive the depths of the Abyss. For this, he needs to obtain Structure Gel, an Energy Pal S.3, and a Cortex Chip. Simon must interact with an ENV chip while attempting to retrieve the Structure gel, which is locked in a secure cabinet. Simon finds the ENV chip, broken, on the floor next to the cabinet containing the gel. To fix it, he places the chip within a device designed to dispense small amounts of Structure Gel for testing purposes. After placing the chip into the booth and dousing it in the gel, he puts the chip into the locker and retrieves the Structure Gel.

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