Haimatsu (這い松), registered as Haimatsu Jpn. and also referred to by the trade name Haimatsu Technologies on some paraphernalia, is a Japanese technology and machinery manufacturing conglomerate who produced much of the equipment used on PATHOS-II, an underwater research facility that Haimatsu maintains and operates alongside Carthage Industries.

In SOMA, the company was forcibly shutdown after the Impact Event, with the only known employee surviving the event being the Haimatsu project manager for PATHOS-II, Abbo Sendeyo.


21st Century

While the only identifiable item that Haimatsu Technologies manufactured are USB sticks, one of which can be found in Simon's apartment and at PACE Laboratories, it is implied via a Haimatsu Technologies logo on a bulletin board at PACE Laboratories underneath a section labeled "Hardware" that most of the computers and equipment at PACE Laboratories were produced by Haimatsu Technologies. Along with this, there's also a possibility that they produced other technological devices encountered in 2015, such as Simon's smartphone and the touchscreen laptop found in his apartment. There's also a newspaper clipping found in Simon's desk with a cut off ad for Haimatsu Technologies on the back.

22nd Century

By the 22nd Century, Haimatsu had grown and progressed considerably, becoming a large conglomerate operating on the same scale as their partner company Carthage Industries, along with a complete corporate identify change. While the company becomes more known as simply Haimatsu, the Haimatsu Technologies name is still retained as seen in the instruction manuals of their products.

The most notable product manufactured by Haimatsu is the Omnitool, an all-in-one computer tool designed for security usage. They're also the producer of the Ductile Suit and Power Suit, along with the Energy Pal S.3, the ZA-X2 Experimental Module, which is used as the framework for the ARK, the ST-77 Maser tool, and quite possibly their largest selection of technology, the Universal Helper series of robots, which may include the A95-Worker, a disabled robot unit that Simon only encounters in Omicron, from which he acquires a Cortex Chip. Along with this, they produced most, if not all, of the high pressure technology found in the Omega Sector, such as the terminals and lamps.

Along with several posters, schematics and manuals of Haimatsu's products seen all over PATHOS-II, there is a clipboard found in John Strohmeier's room in Theta listing Abbo Sendeyo as a project manager for Haimatsu. Along with a mysterious clipboard found in the room of Carthage Industries employee Mark Sarang featuring something confidential that has Haimatsu board of approval, this reveals Haimatsu involvement with Carthage Industries on PATHOS-II.


  • Ductile Suit
  • Power Suit
  • Omnitool
  • Energy Pal S.3
  • ZA-X2 Experimental Module (ARK)
  • Meditech 2000
  • Carbon-2D Mainframe
  • CUIP-X22 - Multi-purpose Volume NMRI
  • SCX-303 Neural Interface - Pilot Seat
  • Standard x4B extension
  • ST-77 Maser
  • High Pressure Lamp
  • High Pressure Terminal

Universal Helper Series


  • The name Haimatsu comes from creeping pine in Japanese (formally Pinus pumila).
  • Haimatsu is based on the multitude of modern day Japanese heavy-industry focused conglomerates.


Concept art

21st Century

22nd Century