The robots are getting increasingly erratic all over PATHOS-II and unfortunately there's no universal kill switch.
―Heather Wolchezk, on the WAU's effects on machinery across PATHOS-II.
Heather Wolchezk
S.S.E. Wolchezk
January 4, 2063
Silesia, Poland
Flag of Silesia-Poland Silesian-Polish
Heather Wolchezk

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Heather Wolchezk is the PATHOS-II Site Service Engineer stationed at Theta, and was consulted for most engineering tasks around the station. She ranks #3 on the PATHOS-II hierarchy. In SOMA, she is never seen but referenced on numerous occasions.


As the Site Supervisor Engineer, Wolchezk had an eye on all major engineering tasks around PATHOS-II, and was part of Omega Management at Theta along with Ian Pedersen, Mark Sarang and Catherine Chun. She was kept informed on the damage caused by the WAU and the mutations of structure gel across PATHOS-II.

In 2098, she enabled the update of Omicron's blackboxes in order to keep a trace on the station's crew.

In 2102, at the request of Johan Ross, she turned off all external control systems to allow the WAU to control PATHOS-II's welfare.

After the Impact Event, she mostly took care of the cross-site communication issues, notably with Tau, to which a bi-weekly visitations of medical personnel was established until restoration of all radio systems.

Around the same time, she was also kept informed of the evacuation of Upsilon and the automation of its geothermal plant, ensuring that PATHOS-II will still be powered for the years to come. Carl Semken and Amy Azzaro, who were finishing the preparations, reported the structure gel leakage around the station to Wolchezk, but also the increase in the erratic behavior of its robots. Wolchezk suggested to simply seal off sectors of the station to keep them away from critical locations.

She was scanned by Catherine Chun for the ARK project on July 10th, 2103. She also helped with cutting a "wave leak" from the Pilot Seat, which according to Catherine means the post-scan hangover should be less severe.

On January 16, 2104, she probably met her fate when Theta was overrun by Proxy beasts, although potentially made it out unnoticed.

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