Ian Pedersen
02 01 cloud interview photo 01
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swedish
Career: Theta Software Engineer
Status: Deceased
Signature: Ian Pedersen - Signature

Actor: John Chancer
Ian Pedersen is a PATHOS-II Software Engineer stationed at Theta. In SOMA, he was a member of the crew helping Dr. Catherine Chun carry the ARK to Phi.


On July 8, 2103,  Ian Pedersen is interviewed by Catherine, along with other employees, about his expectations on the ARK project, which were positive. Catherine scans him that same day.

Sometime between November 1 and December 25, 2103, a team consisted of Ian, Catherine, Sarah Lindwall, Nicolai Ivashkin, and Jasper Hill left Theta and headed for Omicron with the goal of completing the ARK project by launching it into space with the Omega Space Gun.

On December 27, 2103, the party arrives in Site Phi. However, Ian starts to think they shouldn't launch the ARK, fearing it may be badly damaged/destroyed along the way to space. This leads to an argument between him and Catherine that results in him smacking her across the head with a wrench and killing her. Ian insisted to the rest of the team that it was an accident. The group opts to postpone the ARK's launching and return to Tau to figure out their next plan of action.


On May 11, 2104, Ian's body is found by Simon in the living quarters of the Tau station having succumbed to starvation. His CCRV-7 Blackbox reveals that he apparently came to seriously regret killing Catherine before he died, telling the remaining team members that he was wrong about launching the ARK.