International Asteroid Deflection Program

The International Asteroid Deflection Program, or I.A.D.P., was a worldwide organization dedicated to stopping the comet Telos from impacting Earth. It is unknown how involved the governments were, however PATHOS-II had a large amount of influence in the operation, with two of its own personnel being spokespeople for the organization, Dr. Catherine Chun and Veiga.

In SOMA, the program ultimately failed to stop the comet, leading it to collide with the Earth, becoming known as the Impact Event.


Originally, the I.A.D.P. was going to have a bigger role in the story, with a sign of the I.A.D.P. logo in both horizontal and vertical fashion being found in the game files. It seems that in early versions of the story, the comet hadn't crashed into the Earth yet, and the I.A.D.P. project would've been utilized to stop it from impacting Earth. Early iterations of this story would've had the ending being Simon Jarrett directing a rocket into the comet.