Jasper Hill
Jasper Hill signature

Actor James Goode

Jasper Hill is a PATHOS-II Software Coordinator stationed at Theta. In SOMA, he was a member of the crew helping Dr. Catherine Chun carry the ARK to Phi.


Jasper was originally a software coordinator who lived and worked at Theta. He later decides to join the ARK team along with Ian Pedersen, Catherine Chun, Sarah Lindwall and Nicolai Ivashkin. On December 25, 2103, the team left Theta and headed for Omicron with the goal of completing the ARK project by launching it into space with the Omega Space Gun.

On December 27, 2103, the party arrives at Site Phi. Arguments start between the team on whether or not the ARK should be launched. Deciding not to launch the ARK, the team regroups back to Tau in order to ultimately decide on the ARK's fate.


Simon Jarrett can find Jasper's body in the living quarters of site Tau, having succumbed to starvation. He is clutching a photo of Catherine. His blackbox can be mined to discover his last moments. He expresses deep regrets in not launching the ARK, and despite being a good man his whole life, feels like the team messed up. He begs Sarah to launch the ARK. He is heard coughing before the recording ends.

A tablet on the shelf behind Hill describes the journey from Theta to Phi and how he felt on each leg of the journey. In Ian's blackbox recording, he also expressed worries that the WAU would eventually swallow the ARK if the team didn't launch it.


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