Javid Goya is a PATHOS-II Wrangler stationed at Delta.


On August 14th, 2103, Javid Goya, along with the rest of the crew located at Delta (excluding Terry Akers), were relocated to Theta.

He was scanned by Catherine Chun for the ARK-project on August 19th, 2103. He was also scanned by the WAU using a pilot seat at some point.

He was put into a comatose state during the proxy attack on January 16th, 2104.


A UH3 containing a scan of Javid Goya roams the abandoned Delta complex. He completely ignores Simon Jarrett's presence and acts as if he is talking to his old colleagues. Simon is given the option to either kill Javid's mockingbird or a UH8 in order to obtain a tool chip.


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