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Jessica Davis

Actor Mahria Zook

Jessica Davis is a PATHOS-II Structural Engineer stationed at Theta. In SOMA, she is referenced numerous times, and appears as a minor character in Transmissions.


In Transmission #6, while the staff were getting ready for dinner Jessica was attempting to examine something (presumably a sound she was hearing) within one of the room's walls. After she knocked on the wall several times, a pipe full of Structure Gel bursted out, fatally injuring Jessica.

Jessica was immediately brought to the infirmary by Dorian Cronstedt, Richard Holland and Martin Fisher. Upon reaching the infirmary Martin discovers that someone locked out access to the room and attempts to re-gain access to it. While Martin's disabling the lock Dorian tells Baxter to inform Imogen Reed of their situation, in the even that Jessica needs to be transported to Omicron.

After Martin fails to disable the lock the door to the infirmary opens by itself, much to his surprise. The group then discover that the WAU had corroded the entire infirmary in structure gel. Ignoring this, they put Jessica on the table and attempt to stabilize her. Unfortunately they are too late and Jessica ultimately dies.

Richard chose to stay in the infirmary to keep an eye on Jessica's body. Some time later Dorian contacts Richard and informs him that a meeting is being held at the MCP, which he must attend. Richard prepares to leave only to notice that Jessica's body is no longer on the table anymore. Upon leaving the infirmary he finds Jessica leaning against the wall, completely covered in structure gel. She attempts to attack Richard but he quickly grabs a nearby fire extinguisher and beats her to death with it.


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