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Jin Yoshida
Japan Japanese

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Jin Yoshida is a Japanese scientist who was an operative on PATHOS-II, stationed at Tau. In SOMA, Simon Jarrett encounters him as a mindless, hostile creature.


This creature is a Haimatsu Power Suit animated by structure gel, making it one of the strongest and fastest entities encountered. Tentacles protrude from the suit's visor. Access logs indicate that the suit was accessed by "/4subjWAUr/" and, a day later, in April 12, 2104, by Jin Yoshida, who was evidently mutated into his current form while wearing the suit. While somewhat similar in composition to the incarnation of Simon wearing the Haimatsu Power Suit, the creature is both mindless and extremely hostile. There are no registers in the game to state that the Tau staff had to deal with this creature.


Much like the Proxy enemy, this creature demonstrates the ability to open closed doors. If Simon maintains eye contact with Jin Yoshida, Yoshida hesitates and stops moving, although this effect doesn't last long. Immediately after Simon turns his back, Yoshida breaks into a shambling sprint, making him difficult to evade. If he gets close enough, Simon should move backwards and maintain eye contact. If he catches Simon, Yoshida attacks him with his facial tentacles before knocking him unconscious.

Jin Yoshida's keen senses make him extremely difficult to evade, but he can be delayed by closing him in rooms, buying some time (about three seconds) while he forces the door open. As with most other creatures, it is recommended to keep moving to avoid being cornered, closing doors along the way. Yoshida's eyesight means that he can be misled by hiding in dark rooms, and his keen hearing means he can be distracted by opening and closing doors.


Simon encounters the creature after opening the first red blast door, at which point Yoshida begins to pursue him. Despite his abilities, Yoshida is unable to use the ladder that Simon uses to escape to the crew quarters, and is not seen again for the rest of the game.

His appearance before being reanimated is never seen, and because his face is nothing more than protruding tentacles, and that the rest of his body is covered by his suit, there is no evidence of his pre-mutated appearance.