John Strohmeier
John Strohmeier
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Career: Theta Security Operative
Status: Comatose

Actor: Eric Meyers
John Strohmeier is a PATHOS-II Security Operative stationed at Theta. He is referenced on numerous occasions in SOMA.


Not much is known about Strohmeier before PATHOS-II, or what his life on PATHOS-II was like. He is first seen referenced at Upsilon, narrating the video found on the Omnitool.

Aside from his name being referenced on occasion, he is seen again at Theta, where he's seen as originally being wary of the ARK Project, which he supported nonetheless, until numerous suicides occurred due "continuity" belief proposed by Mark Sarang.

After this, Strohmeier attempted to shut down the ARK Project with little success, which ultimately lead to Sarah Lindwall telling Strohmeier off in defense of Dr. Catherine Chun, the creator of the ARK Project. Eventually however, as evidenced by a file written by Catherine left on the computer in the ARK Project room, Catherine covertly announced she was not going to do any further scans of Theta personnel, and declared the ARK Project finished, beginning a trek to Phi to launch the ARK along with various crew members. It's unknown how Strohmeier felt about this, but as he has little authority over PATHOS-II - even being below the PATHOS-II hierarchy - he couldn't have done much about it.

He met his fate in the tunnels below Theta after the arrival of Terry Akers on January 16, 2104 while he was trying to escape with the rest of the surviving Theta personnel.

His body can be found by Simon Jarrett left where Akers connected him to the WAU, however the only identification that it is Strohmeier is evident by the voice coming from his comatose body. His body is found in the first room that Simon can enter after the staged attack by Terry Akers. His body is on the floor in the back of the room. If you listen closely, Strohmeier is dreaming about building a plane with somebody named Doug.


  • Strohmeier forced Catherine to end the ARK Project before his scan could be done.