Keith Fourqurean
Aliases: Overseer
Gender: Male
Nationality: French
Career: PATHOS-II Overseer
Status: Unknown

Actor: N/A
Keith Fourqurean is the PATHOS-II Overseer, stationed at Theta. In SOMA, he is mentioned in various PATHOS-II paraphernalia.


Not much is known about Fourqurean except that he was the Overseer of PATHOS-II, the highest position in the PATHOS-II hierarchy. He sent out a memo on the morning of the Impact Event, where he wrote on the impact of Comet Telos and mentioned a meeting to be held to discuss the future of PATHOS-II. His surname implies some form of French heritage.


PATHOS-II Memo - "Impact Event"


On this morning of January 12 (05:13) the comet Telos crashed into the Pacific Ocean. The impact ranks as one the largest collisions ever recorded on earth. All evidence indicates that the surface has gone completely barren and is no longer able to sustain life. PATHOS-II's unique location has provided unparalleled safety for our staff. Some structural damage has been noted, but no casualties reported. The largest loss was the weather and communication station located on surface platform Omega (unmanned), which is under the circumstances a small price to pay.

Theta will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the future of PATHOS-II and ultimately mankind. More on the matter will follow.

Overseer K. Fourqurean


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