This is a Korean name; the family name is Mark.
Mark Sarang
Mark Sarang
September 21, 2061
July 12, 2103
Aged 41
Flag of Korea Korean
Mark Sarang - Signature

Actor Tim Watson

Mark Sarang is a Korean reconnaissance professional employed by Carthage Industries. He served as the Intelligence Analyst on PATHOS-II, stationed at Theta.

In SOMA, he committed suicide after having proposed the "Continuity" belief that widely affected the ARK project and deluded multiple Theta personnel.


On April 7, 2102, Mark Sarang received a classified message from the supervisory board of Carthage Industries, complimenting Sarang's success in making the WAU a station-wide presence. The letter suggested that Sarang explore and understand the WAU by any means necessary, and insisted that Johan Ross being able to "steer and study" the WAU from Alpha without interference was contingent on accomplishing that suggestion. The letter allowed Sarang to contact Julia Dahl at Omicron to "forcefully eliminate any opposition" in case of an emergency. Mark Sarang was one of three crew members at PATHOS-II working directly for Carthage, along with Johan Ross and Julia Dahl. This information was kept secret from the other crew members.

On July 9, 2103, Sarang was interviewed by Catherine Chun regarding his expectations toward the ARK project. Sarang stated his belief that "we can go on living through the reality of continuity." Sarang viewed human consciousness as an entity that transcends a physical body. After the interview, he focused on developing this theory, which he named the "Continuity".

Sarang noticed and took pictures of the unusual mutations caused by leaking structure gel in and around Theta. Some of these pictures can be found in his room at Theta. Scribblings on them reveal Sarang's inability to explain why the WAU was organizing these mutations.

On July 12, 2103, during his brain scan for the ARK-project, Sarang committed suicide using chewing gum containing cyanide salts. He left a recording and notes that revealed that his purpose was to ensure that his virtual self, living in the ARK, was the only remnant of his consciousness. He viewed human consciousness as an entity that transcends a physical body.

His ideas caused other PATHOS-II personnel to commit suicide during or shortly after the brain scanning process, which led John Strohmeier to prematurely end the ARK-project.


While venturing through Theta facility, Simon Jarrett can access Sarang's dormitory where he can find computer logs, voice recordings and notes, mostly about his ideas over his "Continuity" theory.


ARK Interview

  • The idea is just incredible, by every definition, it really makes you think about what it means to be human.
Terminal terminal interviewrecording 3 002 interviewee 3 001
  • Beyond the basics, beyond the superficial, I'm convinced there's something with even greater value.
Terminal terminal interviewrecording 3 005 interviewee 3 001
  • You have provided a platform which is not necessarily restricted to our digital progeny, but a means of actual survival.
Terminal terminal interviewrecording 3 005 interviewee 3 002
  • It's my sincerest belief that we can go on living, through the reality of continuity.
Terminal terminal interviewrecording 3 007 interviewee 3 001

Audiolog Recording

  • Did you know that the human body consists of up to 75 trillion individual cells? They typically don't stay with us 'til we die, some live a few days, while others live a few years.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 001 sarang 001
  • We're not affected by their short lifespans, as they're replaced by new cells that help sustain our bodies.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 001 sarang 002
  • I don't think anyone would argue that we ever lose our persona due to this process, yet we are clearly in a constant state of transformation.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 001 sarang 003
  • Then how do we remain the same?
Recording 3 sarangmemo 002 sarang 001
  • A continuous flow of thought and perception keeps an unbroken chain of continuity that we know as our self.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 002 sarang 002
  • Our conscious mind is not the pattern of our brain, but a continuous emergent entity based on that pattern.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 002 sarang 003
  • When Dr. Chun populates the ARK she is capturing a moment of our existence and placing it inside the digital world.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 003 sarang 001
  • Soon you and your digital you will grow apart due to diverging experiences, but for a tiny window, you are the very same.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 003 sarang 002
  • With unbroken continuity it will live on, a fulfilling life no doubt, no less real than the one from which it was plucked.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 003 sarang 003
  • Now remember, you are not your body, you are the emergent entity, that entity just happens to occupy two places at once for a while.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 004 sarang 001
  • If you took away your body, you would simply be the only one you can be, the you inside the ARK.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 004 sarang 003
  • Let your body die, and continue on in the digital paradise among the stars.
Recording 3 sarangmemo 005 sarang 002

Behind the Scenes

Sarang, Love in Korean, is a reference to the Korean-American lunar harvesting facility Sarang Station from the movie Moon by Duncan Jones, a film that deals with some similar subjects as SOMA.




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