Adam Golaski meets the Mockingbird of his daughter; Lissa Golaski.

A Mockingbird is a robot or other machine that has been made into a reconstruction of the original person, such as by the means of a Cortex Chip loaded with a Brain scan of the original person.

Most Mockingbirds are not humanoid, and the dissonance between the Mockingbird's form and the crew member's mind usually sends the crew member into a catatonic or otherwise insane state, often unaware that they are inside a robot.


Adam Golaski's Mockingbird

In Item #4017 is described the encounter between Adam Golaski and his own Mockingbird.

Catherine Chun's Mockingbird

At Lambda, Catherine Chun's brain scan is found initially uploaded into a robot unit. She has Simon Jarrett take her Cortex Chip and attach it to an Omnitool.

Carl Semken's Mockingbird

At Upsilon, the Mockingbird of Carl Semken can be found stuck on a conveyor belt. It is delusional in its belief that it is human. Simon Jarrett can not convince it and repeated attempts frustrate it. The Mockingbird will wail in agony if the power breaker is flipped as power courses through it.

Harry Halperin's Mockingbird

In Transmission #1, while venturing through Upsilon, Adam Golaski finds the Mockingbird of Harry Halperin, supposedly a former co-worker from Omicron. However, there is no Harry Halperin stationed at Omicron, only Jacob Halperin. The only explanation for this is that Harry is a nickname for Jacob Halperin, otherwise this moment is not canon.

Javid Goya's Mockingbird

At Delta, Simon finds a UH3 which harbors the brain scan of Javid Goya. It is completely delusional, not directly acknowledging Simon Jarrett's presence and believing that he is merely remotely controlling the universal helper using the pilot system.

Lissa Golaski's Mockingbird

In Transmission #7, the Mockingbird of Lissa Golaski is revealed. Possibly the most unique and identical Mockingbird; it features the near-literal image of Lissa, the only differences being some structure gel on its cheek and larger mechanical components moving in tandem with it, behind it.

Seemingly lacking a brain scan totally, as Lissa was never present on PATHOS-II, limited vox recordings allow for the mimicking of Lissa. This caused unbelievable behavior, such as stuttering or incomprehensible sentences.

Robin Bass' Mockingbird

At Theta's entrance, Simon Jarrett can find Robin Bass' Mockingbird. It believes that it is inside of the ARK but is perplexed that there aren't any other people, though it enjoyed meeting Simon. It expresses concern at the possibility that it may not be in the ARK. Simon doesn't have the heart to tell it that it isn't. She panics if her power source is removed but then deactivates.

Vigdis Jonsdottir's Mockingbird

At Upsilon, Simon Jarrett finds a Mockingbird feeding off energy from a control board. When Simon disconnects it, the Mockingbird begins pleading with him to reconnect it before dying. This Mockingbird can be identified as Vigdis Jonsdottir who was the dispatcher at Upsilon.


  • Item #4510 describes the Mockingbird of Gavin Finley, a worker from Upsilon.
  • In Upsilon, Simon encounters a Mockingbird with a male voice constrained to a control panel for a door. The voice pleads with Simon not to leave. Interacting with the WAU node in the room kills the Mockingbird.
  • At the Upsilon Communications room, calling site Theta will result in a brief one-way conversation with the Mockingbird of Peter Strasky who was Theta's dispatcher, stating that there is something better here, it's here.
  • Also at the Upsilon Communications room, calling site Omicron will result in a conversation with who is presumed to be a mockingbird of Johan Ross stating just kill yourself. There is nothing left to live for.
  • On his path to Lambda, Simon comes across several universal helpers which have brain scans uploaded into them, some are passive while others will attempt to attack Simon on sight.
  • If Simon attempts to call Zeppelin 216, he will make contact with the brain scan of Alan Waldeck, who panics about being surrounded by water and drowning before the Zeppelin malfunctions and ceases to respond.
  • At the Theta labs, the DUNBAT revealed itself to be a Mockingbird. It lashed out in anger after the initialization sequence while cursing Catherine's name, ultimately causing the vessel to free from its dock and fall into the ocean below. It is presumed that the WAU was the one who uploaded the brain scan into the DUNBAT after a structure gel leak.

Behind the Scenes

Construct mirror artwork.jpg

  • The Construct likely, though not necessarily, has a brain scan. According to the official artwork for SOMA, it possesses one of a brown-haired woman.