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PACE Laboratories is a science-medical research company likely of Canadian or American nationality, with an office located in Downtown Toronto that serves as a location in SOMA.


The Downtown Toronto office is where Dr. David Munshi, at the time a Ph.D student, and Paul Berg performed the second and third brain scan, first on David and then on Paul, respectively. It is also where the fourth brain scan would be performed on Simon Jarrett. Subsequently, it would become the location where the technology was first pioneered.



After waking up in his apartment, Simon Jarrett proceeds to PACE labs by subway. There he discovers an office closed for remodeling, with no one at the front desk. After figuring out the combination for the back door, he finds haphazardly set up equipment and Dr. Munshi.

Optionally, Simon can open the windows and look outside, which reveal the office is right next to a campus, with several Canada and Toronto flags in sight, along with the CN Tower in the distance.




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