Strasky, Peter
Peter Strasky
March 11, 2068
Northern England
January 16, 2104
Omicron, PATHOS-II
Flag of England North-Englander

Actor Joseph May

Peter Strasky is a North-Englander communications operator who served as the Dispatcher on PATHOS-II at Theta. In SOMA, his dead body can be found outside of the annex at Omicron.


Strasky is described by Sarah Lindwall as being a very friendly person in nature, liked by everyone.

Strasky appears to be a close friend of Catherine Chun, as she called him for help after Guy Konrad's suicide following his brain scan.


Before Upsilon was evacuated, Strasky was informed by Vigdis Jonsdottir that Carl Semken and Amy Azzaro had been assigned to stay behind. He was warned that Semken and Azzaro had been advised to call him should they require assistance.

On August 4, 2103, he had his scan for the ARK done, which is described in Item #4520.

After the evacuation, the remaining staff of Theta made their way to Omicron. When they arrived at Omicron, they were unable to gain access to it due to the facility being put under quarantine. Strasky, faced with the prospect of certain death by suffocation or carbon dioxide poisoning after the oxygen supply in his Haimatsu Ductile Suit runs out, chose to remove his helmet and drown.


Strasky's corpse can be found outside of Omicron, with his fate being revealed after Simon Jarrett datamines his blackbox.

Behind the Scenes

In the Theta manifestation video, Strasky's voice is noticeably different. Whether these were just placeholder lines, an older iteration of of the character, or a different voice actor is unknown.

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