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A Proxy is an enemy variant encountered in Theta.


Named by John Strohmeier, Proxies are employees who have become mutated by structure gel. This mutation results in their upper bodies being bloated, with varicose veins standing out; this bloating has encased the creature's arms, possibly trapping them. Their bodies are also covered in pustules and tubing.

The Proxy's head is permanently bent slightly backwards by the mutation; it lacks eyes and its facial expression is frozen in a perpetual scream. In contrast to its bulky upper body, the Proxy's lower body is atrophied; its legs are thin, and it lacks proper feet.


Due to lacking eyes, the Proxy is blind. However, it possesses an acute sense of hearing. It doesn't react to Simon Jarrett's flashlight, but can hear the sound it makes when being turned on and off.

When idle, the Proxy shambles around slowly and aimlessly, but if provoked, it will break into an extremely fast sprint. It is also capable of operating automatic doors.

Due to the areas the Proxies are encountered in being very confining and their fast running speed, it is extremely difficult to outrun an alerted Proxy. The best strategy is to simply crouch and move silently. Additionally, it is possible to take advantage of the Proxy's keen hearing by throwing props around to lure them to a specific area.  


On January 16, 2104, on the same day Terry Akers arrived in Theta, he was joined by at least three other proxies. A staff report by Strohmeier claims that the Theta personnel managed to kill one of the Proxies. Together with Akers, the rest of the Proxies stalked the decks of Theta, driving the remaining human occupants to the station's basement.


Simon Jarrett directly encounters four Proxies: one in the server room and three in the lower level of Theta Maintenance. Terry Akers may be arguably considered a Proxy as well.

Behind the Scenes

When opened in the model viewer, the Proxy has animations that went unused for movement in vents, as well as falling and landing animations.