And then the girl, she figured it out. She was going to take care of it - but the WAU shrieked.
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Raleigh Herber
Raleigh Herber

Actor Megan Mackzko

Raleigh Herber is a communications operator who served as the Dispatcher on PATHOS-II at Omicron. In SOMA, she died when the WAU overloaded the CCRV-7 Blackbox of all the personnel at Omicron.


Whilst Johan Ross was contained in an isolation cell by Omicron staff, Ross attempted to contact Raleigh Herber through the WAU's Structure Gel. Ross used his influence over Herber to encourage her to develop a new type of structure gel that could destroy the WAU by assimilating the gel into its heart at Alpha.

During Herber's attempt to descend into the Abyss to complete Ross's instructions, the WAU used electromagnetic frequencies to overload the Blackboxes of all the staff at Omicron, causing their heads to explode. Herber was a victim of these attacks as well.


Simon Jarrett and Catherine Chun find her corpse inside a Haimatsu Power Suit on the middle floor of Omicron. Since they need one to safety traverse the Abyss, Catherine informs Simon that they need to transfer his brain from the Haimatsu Ductile Suit into the Power Suit.

The Haimatsu Power Suit however is not yet suitable for holding Simon's brain scan, meaning Simon must scavenge around the site for the parts needed to prepare the suit. After acquiring a Cortex Chip, an Energy Pal S.3, and some Structure Gel, Simon is able to prepare the suit, allowing Catherine to scan his brain into it.

The brain scan is successful, but after Simon wakes up in the Haimatsu Power Suit he realizes he's a copy - there are now two Simons, one in the Haimatsu Ductile Suit and another in the Power Suit. The Simon in the Power Suit then has the choice to either deactivate the Ductile Suit or to leave it to wake up later. Either way Simon and Catherine head to the climber and to the Abyss inside the Power Suit.

Later, while Simon travels to Alpha, Ross reveals that the structure gel used to repair the Haimatsu Power Suit was the modified variant created by Herber, meaning that Simon is capable of carrying out Ross' initial plan to kill the WAU. Simon is then given the choice to fulfil Ross's plan by sacrificing his left forearm to the WAU, a rudimentary way of injecting the modified structure gel into its heart.


Omicron Communications Center

  • Strasky, are you there?
General commterminal 1 001 herber 001
  • Just wanted to check in, I have to go do something, I might not be around for a few days, okay?
General commterminal 1 003 herber 001
  • It is Strask, it is.
General commterminal 1 005 herber 001

Behind the Scenes

  • A cut piece of dialogue was meant to play in the Omicron Sector, while Simon is listening to a conversation between Raleigh and Peter Strasky.
General commterminal 1 007 herber 001





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