Richard Thabo

Actor Nigel Whitmey

Richard Thabo is an electromechanical engineer who served as a Mechatronics Engineer on PATHOS-II, stationed at Theta.


Richard was able to evacuate from Theta when it was attacked and overrun by Terry Akers and the Proxies. He and the rest of the crew who escaped all met their deaths before they were able to get into Omicron, due to the quarantine.

Richard and Emma Alvaro seem to be the last of the evacuated crew to die. Richard and Emma have a friendly conversation before they both suffocate from lack of oxygen.


Richard can be heard by Simon Jarrett when datamining Emma's blackbox outside of Omicron.


Outside Omicron

  • There are worse ways to die, probably.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 003 thabo 001
  • Why they call you M?
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 004 thabo 001
  • Emma Alvaro, I like that, that's a good name.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 006 alvaro 001
  • We shoulda hung out more, I think we woulda made good friends.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 006 alvaro 002
  • Goodbye, Emma.
Datamine 1 dataminealvaro 008 thabo 001

Behind the Scenes

  • Richard's body is never found.
    • It's possible that he threw himself into the abyss as a means of suicide, which would explain why his body can't be found anywhere around Omicron.
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