We're all dying anyway. I'm all in. I put my faith in Sarang and the continuity.
―Robin Bass, making mention of Mark Sarang and his "continuity" belief process in her suicide note.[src]
Robin Bass
Robin Bass
Born: December 10, 2072
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Career: Theta Field Service Technician
Status: Deceased

Actor: Caitlin Thorburn

Robin Bass is a PATHOS-II Field Service Technician stationed at Theta. In SOMA, she was a believer of the "continuity" belief process and committed suicide.


Robin Bass committed suicide right after her brain scan on August 26, 2103, due to the "continuity" belief proposed by her colleague Mark Sarang, to ensure that her own self lived on within the ARK.


Near Theta's entrance, Simon Jarrett finds the robot containing Robin's brain scan. The robot is in poor condition. Unaware of her real status, Robin explains that she committed suicide during her brain scan, and now believes herself to be living in the virtual reality of the ARK. Simon decides to maintain her illusion and conceals the truth of her current state.

Simon is then given the option to shut down the robot by unplugging the cable that feeds it with energy.

Inside Theta, Simon can explore Robin's living quarters, where he discovers that she committed suicide by cutting her wrist with a straight razor.


  • Item #4520 describes Robin's experiences while being scanned by Catherine Chun for the ARK. It also confirms that she slit her wrists with a straight razor to commit suicide, and not any other part of her body.