Like most other wikis, the SOMA Wiki has its own conventions and styles for how things should look and how stuff is written. The information given on this page is not necessarily vital to follow, but for the sake of keeping how content is displayed across the wiki consistent, it's best to follow the conventions listed here.

Naming conventions

When referring to certain topics within the SOMA universe, there are certain conventions that the names must go by, especially if the name of a character or entity is re-used several times in one article.

Note: For the context of all these examples, infoboxes do not count as instances of a word being used, only instances in body paragraphs.

Common words

If you're trying to link to an article whose name is not a proper noun but contains capitals, leave them as the capital spelling. If the name is used again in the article then you can use lowercase spelling.

  • Example:
    • First instance: Structure Gel
    • Second instance: structure gel
    • And then so on for every other use of those words.

Character Names

If you're linking to an article about a person or entity, use their first and last name (which should be the same as the character's page name). After that other uses of it on the article should simply use their last name.

  • Example:
    • First instance: Adam Golaski and Imogen Reed
    • Second instance: Golaski and Reed
    • And then so on for every other use of those names.

There are however exceptions to this rule.

For Simon Jarret and Catherine Chun, they should be referred by their first name as it is their common alias.

  • Example:
    • First instance: Simon Jarrett and Catherine Chun
    • Second instance: Simon and Catherine
    • And then so on for every other use of those names.

Anyone who's a doctor should be referred to by "Dr. [Last Name]".

  • Example:
    • First instance: Nadine Masters
    • Second instance: Dr. Masters
    • And then so on for every other use of those names.

Site Names

Refer to the facilities which make up PATHOS-II by their Greek letter only. Avoid adding the word "Site" to their name as it's redundant.

  • No Site Theta and Site Tau
  • Yes Theta and Tau

Name them what they are

Always refer to monsters, locations, characters and items by their names. Don't use vague terms which then link you to a different article, it makes the wiki read more like clickbait than an informative article.


Stipulative definitions

The following is a list of definitions that the wiki uses for some word or phrases. They will most likely derive from their real world definition.



The only enemies in SOMA that are Proxies are the three monsters you encounter at Theta. Everyone else in the game is never defined as or called a Proxy. For reference the monsters at Theta are referred to as Proxies by John Strohmeier in SOMA.

Unless an official source comes out and says otherwise, those are the only enemies which are called Proxies. This also corresponds to the structure gel-mutated variants of PATHOS-II staff seen in Transmissions.

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