Don't let them die, okay? Send them out there. To the stars.
―Sarah Lindwall[src]
Sarah Lindwall
Sarah Lindwall
November 25, 2074
May 11, 2104
Aged 29
Flag of Greenland Greenlander
Dr. Catherine Chun
"Nick" Ivashkin
Jasper Hill
Ian Pedersen
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Actor Andrea Deck

Sarah Lindwall is a Greenlander aerospace engineer who served as a Payload Technician on PATHOS-II, stationed at Theta. In SOMA, she was a member of the crew helping Dr. Catherine Chun carry the ARK to Phi. Simon Jarrett finds her in the infirmary at Tau as the last living human on Earth, guarding the ARK from the WAU.


Sarah Lindwall was born in Greenland, possibly the city of Nanoq, and likely lived there for most of her life. It is unknown what the circumstances were surrounding her getting hired at PATHOS-II.

Sarah Lindwall was originally a Payload Technician who worked and lived at Theta. She later decides to join the ARK team along with Ian Pedersen, Catherine Chun, Jasper Hill and Nicolai Ivashkin. The team travels from Theta all the way to Phi, arriving on December 27, 2103, in order to launch the ARK into space using the Omega Space Gun.

After the ARK team’s decision to postpone the ARK's launching, they returned to Tau in order to figure out their next steps.


Simon can hear recordings by mining blackboxes of ARK team members and by listening to data buffers. Sarah and the rest of the ARK team can be heard several times as they make their journey from Omicron to Tau in order to launch the ARK. Inside Tau, Simon can mine the blackboxes of Ian and Jasper. In these recordings, Sarah can be heard comforting her friends as they slowly starve to death. The team seems full of regret that they were not able to launch the ARK into space and beg Sarah to go through with the launch.

Despite her friend's wishes, Simon finds Sarah alone in Tau's infirmary above the living quarters, barely alive on a life support system, guarding the ARK. She allows Simon to take the ARK with some convincing. She is devastated to find out that she's the only living person left on Earth, and about destruction all across PATHOS-II. She requests that Simon disconnect her life support and kill her. Simon can choose whether or not to end her life before proceeding. If Simon chooses not to kill her, she will beg for her death as he walks away.

If Simon chooses to disable her life support, she asks him to stay with her in her final moments. She will talk about her life in Greenland before the comet and about her life on PATHOS-II. She mentions that she had a great affinity for her work and co-workers. She also begs Simon to send the ARK into space so that humanity can live among the stars before she finally dies.

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Endangered Species Endangered Species
Met the last person left alive

Behind the Scenes

  • Sarah's dialogue during her final moments reveals that between 2015—2103 her home country of Greenland has grown significantly to the point that it's stable enough to be independent, likely no longer being a territory of Denmark, with a large city named Nanoq being founded and Sarah mentioning that there's about "12 million people trying to get around" the country.
    • The name of the city, Nanoq, is Inuit for polar bear, the symbol of Greenland. Funny enough, it is also the name of a museum in Jakobstad, Finland specializing in Greenland and arctic culture.
  • Sarah's concept art depicts her wearing the Tau jumpsuit, meaning that she was originally supposed to have been one of the personnel stranded at Tau rather than a member of the crew carrying the ARK to Phi.
  • When Sarah talks about her colleagues on PATHOS-II, the four people she mentions are the four other members of the crew carrying the ARK to Phi, being Ian Pedersen, Nicolai Ivashkin, Jasper Hill, Catherine Chun. It's likely that the crew were good friends for the most part, with Sarah even affectionately calling Nicolai "Nick", being one of the reasons as to why they were the ones to join Catherine.
  • If Sarah's life support is disconnected, she will jokingly say she doesn't have to worry about turning 30. She would be only a few months short of her 30th birthday in May of 2104 when Simon enters Tau.
  • Sarah was scanned on July 7, 2103.
  • If Simon tries to access Sarah's CCRV-7 Blackbox after her death, he will be unable to mine it. Simon speculates that she must have found some way to turn it off, although how she would have done so is unknown.


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