A Scan Chip is a hand-sized computer chip designed to store a neurograph.


When Simon Jarrett arrives at site Theta, he finds that the DUNBAT is in quarantine. Catherine Chun tells him that to release it, he must run a simulation of a staff member at Theta to acquire the new security cipher. After searching through multiple rooms, he finds a room containing several rotating drums with Scan Chips in them. After finding a functional chip, Simon must insert it into a computer to run a brain scan of Brandon Wan, who knew the security cipher. Simon tries multiple simulation setups, each aborted due to high stress.

Simon then recovers a document in Brandon’s room which lead him to believe that he was scanned alongside Alice Koster, crew member at Theta. He then imports a 3-D model of Alice while Catherine synthesizes her voice from the intercom. Simon then runs the simulation. Catherine, posing as Alice, asks Brandon for the new cipher. Once he has given it to her, the simulation is stopped.

With the new security cipher, Catherine unlocks the DUNBAT, only to find that it too contained a brain scan. It escapes into the ocean in a blind panic, never to be seen again.

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