Gender: Male
Status: Unknown

Actor: John Chancer

Scavengers are potential enemies encountered in SOMA.


The Scavenger appears in the game as a corrupted version of the QUALIA RV2, implanted with a brain scan and Cortex Chip. They have a relatively cuboid shape with a singular red light that flashes on and off periodically.

Scavengers are arguably the most self-aware of the enemies encountered throughout the game. The Scavenger not only knows the WAU has caused its altered existence, but also knows that structure gel is imperative to its survival. If Simon Jarrett approaches a Scavenger, it will ask for "spare" gel, telling Simon not to "be greedy". The robot then attacks with its tentacles, possibly hoping to drain Simon of his own gel.


Simon first encounters a Scavenger after he leaves Upsilon. The Scavenger appears about half-way between Upsilon and the Shuttle Station. If Simon is spotted by the Scavenger, he will be followed briefly before the Scavenger disappears.

Simon encounters a Scavenger again after meeting Catherine Chun inside Lambda. The Scavenger is seen through a window to the ocean outside and attempts to attack Simon by ramming into and cracking the glass, after which point it swims away.

The same Scavenger is then encountered outside Lambda. If it spots Simon, it pursues him for some distance before giving up and slowly returning to the initial spot that it was patrolling.

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