Shawn Evans
Shawn Evans
Gender: Male
Career: Theta Field Service Technician
Status: Deceased

Actor: James Goode

Shawn Evans is a PATHOS-II Field Service Technician stationed at Theta. In SOMA, his dead body can be found at Delta.


Shawn was part of a group of divers sent to Delta on January 15, 2104, following the orders of Peter Strasky to retrieve Terry Akers from the site and take him to Theta. When the team arrived, Shawn, along with the rest of his team, was attacked by Akers who then hijacked the zeppelin they used to reach Delta. Shawn succumbed to his injuries during the attack.

His black box can be mined by Simon Jarrett at Delta to discover his fate. 


  • Evans is mentioned in the description of Item #8682. He discovered the faulty LUMAR relay buoy and Reed's cryptic message.
  • He was one of the Pathos II crew members who was never scanned by Catherine Chun for the ARK Project.