Stun Baton

The Golem Stunmate X32 V.2, also known simply as the Stun Baton or Stun Rod, is an incapacitating weapon manufactured by Golem and used by PATHOS-II staff to protect themselves from the ocean wildlife.


The Stun Baton is located in a lockbox on Zeppelin #049. After the box is unlocked, Simon Jarrett can pick up the Stun Baton, intending to use it on a robot to get a Cortex Chip.

Without any other options, Simon is forced to shock either a UH8 that has helped him several times before such as opening sealed doors, or a UH3 model uploaded with the brain scan of a Delta worker who remains unaware of his current state.

After shocking one of the two, Simon will discard the Stun Baton on the ground.