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Quarantine: I don't think this article addresses why Omicron was put under Quarantine. Was it because of fear of Proxy attack, heads blowing up mysteriously, etc. Sgharms (talk) 17:00, April 11, 2016 (UTC)

That is a good question. I haven't discovered the reason behind it yet. Maybe the WAU initiated it somehow? Anyway it's definetly not because of the proxies, simply because the proxy outbreak on Theta and the death of the Omicron crew happened on the very same day - January 16, 2104. As for their deaths, the entire Omicron crew died at the same time. The WAU overcharged their blackboxes, out of self defense. Bbenjoe12 (talk) 0:18, June 11, 2016 (CET)
I find this pretty compelling. I just finished a playthrough so it's still rather fresh. Simon gets flushed out of Theta and discovers Theta inhabitants headed for Omicron. He then walks toward Omicron but finds the outbuilding where he has to do the fuse puzzle and then finds out that the site is under quarantine. Cath then suggests he look for a clue and the EM interference tells him the code ("getting lured into a van..."). The code was clearly given by Ross. Ross usually acts against WAU. So that implies WAU shuttered the place and put it under quarantine. WHY? Well, the best reason would be to cover its tracks. With that nice big biohazard logo it's implied that something dangerous is afoot in there. This would effectively allow WAU to "cover its tracks" that there were dozens of head-exploded dead lying around in there. But I don't think I saw any hard evidence or explanation so this is arguably speculation on my part. Sgharms (talk) 00:41, June 11, 2016 (UTC)
I agree with you. This theory has the most logic.  Two interesting things:  One, the outside "annex" building where we are given the fuse puzzle, and the access codes  - there is a corpse with a burnt out blackbox. This wiki page errorously states he is the last of the theta group, but the voice chat recording on the coputer makes it clear he is part of the omicron crew.  Two;  when we enter Omicron through the back door, we see two corpses in the dressing room. Well, one of them changes position while we progress with the story :p  - error or joke, I wonder?  Bbenjoe12 (talk) 17:41, June 11, 2016 (CET)

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