Chip 3

Simon Jarrett holding a tool chip.

A Tool Chip, referred to also as a Security Chip, are small computer chips designed by Haimatsu. If inserted into a robot or Omnitool, it grants additional security clearances.


When Simon wakes up at Upsilon, he takes an Omnitool and Tool Chip to open doors within the site. After Simon arrives at site Delta, he calls a Zeppelin which he hopes to ride to Theta. Upon inserting his Omnitool into the Zeppelin’s terminal, Catherine informs him that his Tool Chip is too outdated to operate it.

When Simon asks Catherine where to get a new chip, she says that he can use a Stun Baton located on the Zeppelin to disable a robot and take its chip. Simon then must choose to either disable a UH8 robot that has helped him on multiple occasions or a UH3 unit containing the brain scans of Brandon Wan and Terry Akers.

If he chooses to disable the Bull unit, the K8 unit will flee the scene, fearing for its life. Simon then takes the robot’s chip and inserts it into his Omnitool. As the Zeppelin departs for Theta, Simon laments over having to kill one of the robots. Catherine assures Simon that the robots aren’t as smart as humans and that he shouldn’t worry about it.

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