Toronto is the most populous city of and located in Ontario, Canada. In SOMA, it is Simon Jarrett's hometown and where the intro takes place.


Simon's Apartment

Simons apt1

Simon's apartment.

The home of Simon, this is where the game starts at. It consists of a studio apartment, with a touchscreen laptop along with other electronics, littered with pizza boxes and fast food packaging.

Personal items can be found around the apartment, including a photo of Simon and his girlfriend Ashley Hall along with various other photos taken by Simon, two stickers on the window with The Grimoire logo and a bleeding smiley face, and a movie magazine, among other items.

There are also a couple of posters decorating the walls of the apartment, the most notable being a poster for the fictional Toronto Festival of Literature.

PACE Laboratories

Pace lab lobby

The Pace Laboratories lobby.

PACE Laboratories is a minor science-medical research company, likely of Canadian or American nationality, with an office located in Downtown Toronto where David Munshi and Paul Berg performed the second and third brain scan, first on David and then on Paul, respectively. Shortly after arriving at Pace Labs for the experimental treatment suggested by Dr. Erin Peake, David performed the fourth brain scan on Simon, which was also the first brain scan performed on a healthy patient.

It is unknown what happened to Pace Labs or the office after the events in 2015, however it's likely that Pace Labs has been in operation since then, possibly working alongside David and Paul up until a certain point.


After Simon's untimely death in 2015, David Munshi and Paul Berg utilized his brain scan to continue with their work in advanced neuroscience. Toronto likely became a leading global technological center in the emergence of templates for artificial intelligence through the 21st Century. The City was likely evacuated in days leading up to the Telos impact event and was most certainly destroyed in the early morning of January 12th, 2103 in as little as hours as the comet struck the Pacific Ocean.


  • The shampoo bottle found under the sink in Simon's bathroom comes from the PATHOS-II prop library. This is likely the reason the bottle cannot be interacted with, as Chinese lettering, common with PATHOS-II props, can be seen on the face of the bottle.
  • There is no cellular network signal coverage in Toronto's TTC subway system. It is not possible for Simon to receive phone calls while he was in the metro.


Simon's Apartment