Vanessa Hart
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Gender: Female
Status: Deceased

Actor: Wonder Russell

Vanessa Hart was a Dispatcher at Lambda. She is referenced in SOMA and is a minor character in Transmissions.


At some point after the Impact Event, Hart, along the rest of Lambda's crew, was relocated to Theta.

Hart came back to the station as part of a salvage crew. Later, as Lambda was about to implode due to the pressure caused by the Structure Gel spreading over the station, the crew planned to escape using the CURIE.

Hart was assigned by Dorian Cronstedt to bring the CURIE to Theta, but she failed and only managed to get Ductile Suits. She was then attacked by the reanimated corpse of Martin Fisher, but was saved by Imogen Reed. Hart, wearing a diving suit, proceeded to Theta on foot.

On December 20, 2103, Hart arrived at Theta. Her medical evaluation by Nadine Masters included only bruises and mild hypothermia due to the long walk. Hart's story of the events that transpired at Lambda was initially discredited, as she was the sole survivor of the event.

On January 16, 2104, Hart blew up her own oxygen supply to seal the tunnel connecting Theta to Omicron in an attempt to prevent Terry Akers from following the team, thus causing her own death in the process.


Simon Jarrett finds Hart's mutilated body outside of Theta. The cause of her death can be determined by datamining her Blackbox.