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Vic Auclair

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Vic Auclair is a French operations manager who served as the Chief Factor on PATHOS-II for Tau. In SOMA, he's briefly mentioned and appears at Tau.


While not much, if anything, is known about Auclair, he can be found on the bed in the back of Cabin B at Tau, reanimated.[1] He has been transformed to be mostly machine, with many eyes covering his body and a generally insect look, and tentacles protruding from the blood-stained blanket that he's using to cover himself.


Auclair is the Chief Factor of Tau, and as a result Phi as well due to it's nature as an unmanned station designed solely for the operation of the Omega Space Gun as well as it's relativity to Tau.

On January 11, 2103, a day before the Impact Event, he officially shutdown the Omega Space Gun, writing "After ten years of impeccable operation the Omega Space Gun will shut down, but it took an apocalypse to be made redundant."

He ordered the evacuation of Tau on September 13, 2103, with Alan Waldeck and Julia Dahl of Omicron descending into the Omega Sector to ensure the success of the evacuation. However, as the strong torrents calmed down, the group was ambushed by sea life corrupted by the WAU. The group was forced back to Tau, Auclair was fatally injured but made it to the infirmary in time.

When the ARK crew arrived on December 27, 2103 to use the Omega Space Gun to launch the ARK, Auclair, among the survivors, was caught off guard. When they learned of the team's objective, they agreed to be scanned for the ARK.

Sometime after the ARK crew came back from Phi, Auclair died on the bed in the back of Cabin B. While the conditions of his death are unknown, likely suicide to prevent death by starvation, at some point the WAU used a WAU Control Board built next to every bed in Tau to save Auclair from death, bursting structure gel from the Control Board and covering the body of Auclair laying on the bed. The structure gel turned most of his form into machine parts with many eyes, and bringing him back to life.


By the time Simon Jarrett finds Auclair, he is alive, likely capable of movement but stuck to the bed he died and was reanimated upon, likely in grief over his new state as he clutches and pulls the blanket around him. Simon cannot interact with him, and he will do nothing more than moan and cry.

Behind the Scenes

Auclair's model was originally supposed to be used for one of the male ARK crew members, as evidenced by the model file name. However, all of the bodies of the male ARK crew members can be found and identified at Tau, with Ian Pedersen's body in Cabin C, and Nicolai Ivashkin and Jasper Hill's bodies in Cabin D.


  1. Evidence that this is Auclair is the fact that the voice lines used are of a man, and he was one of the four male survivors at Tau after the evacuation attempt, the other three being Johan Ross, Steve Glasser, Neil Tsiolkovsky. Dr. Ross and Glasser later left Tau, and Tsiolkovsky died when part of the tunnel between Tau and Phi collapsed, meaning that it could only be Vic Auclair.
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