Jonsy Corpse
Vigdis Jonsdottir
Aliases: Jonsy
Gender: Female
Nationality: Flag of Iceland Icelander
Career: Upsilon Dispatcher
Status: Deceased

Actor: Sesselia Olafs

Vigdis Jonsdottir (Vigdís Jónsdóttir), known better as Jonsy, is the PATHOS-II Dispatcher stationed at Upsilon.


Before the evacuation in Upsilon, she was sent 4 different letters from New York, Lisbon, London and Cadiz about the surface being unable to keep contact with Pathos II due to the comet about to crash into the earth. Jonsy and the rest of the Upsilon crew (with the exception of Carl Semken and Amy Azzaro) relocate to Theta shortly after the Impact Event .

While at Theta, Jonsy's brain scan is completed by Catherine Chun on August 31st, 2103. After Theta is taken over by Terry Akers and the Proxies, Jonsy and a small team of Theta employees manage to escape Theta and end up outside of Omicron. The crew is unable to find a way inside, due to Omicron being quarantined.

Emma Alvaro described Jonsy as the "Strong silent type."


Jonsy's body can be found by outside of the Omicron entrance by Simon Jarrett and her blackbox can be mined. She dies due to injuries sustained by the escape from Akers.



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